What is The Internet  of  Things

Internet of Things means “accessing and controlling devices using the Internet”. 

The full name of IoT is (Internet of Things). It is used to transfer  The Data.

Full Form of IOT

The Beginning: The path to loT began with basic forms of long distance communication. In 1832, Baron Shillings in Russia invented the first electromagnetic telegraph. 

Histoty Of IOT

1. More data means better decision 2. Ability to track and monitor thing 3. Lighten the workload with automation 4. Increases efficiency by saving money and resource 5. Better quality of life

Importence Of IOT

Advantages of IOT

1. Better quality of life. 2. Minimize Human Effert. 3. Save Time 4. Improve security. 5. Save Money.

disadvantage Of IOT

1:- Complexity 2– Privacy 3– Security 4– Compactibility 5:- Connectivity  6:- power dependence 

Applications  Of IOT

1. Smart City. 2. fire alarm sensor. 3. smart door locker. 4. Soil monitoring. 5. smart forming equipment.

Summary Of IOT

IoT devices can be useful to businesses today but only if they know what they're getting into. 

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What is The Internet  of  Things