What is iWORD

The term “iWORD” could refer to a couple of things:

  • Apple’s iWork: If you’re familiar with Apple products, you most likely understand that iWork is a suite of productivity applications developed by Apple for their Mac, iPad, and iPhone devices. The suite comprises Pages for word processing, Numbers for spreadsheets, and Keynote for presentations, directly competing with Microsoft Office and Google Workspace.
  • iWord PRO app: iWord PRO is an app found on the iOS App Store. It is a third-party word processor app, distinct from Apple’s iWork. With this app, you can generate, revise, and export documents to PDF or HTML formats.
  • International Workshop on Reimagining Democracy: Less likely, iWORD could be an acronym for a specific event. In 2023, a workshop was held, titled “International Workshop on Reimagining Democracy.”

What is iWORD

The term “iWORD” is not a standard or widely recognized concept in the English language or in specific technical domains that I am aware of. Without additional context, it is challenging to determine precisely what “iWORD” refers to.

If the term is used in a specific context or field, like technology, linguistics, or another specialized area, please offer additional details or specify the context to assist in giving a precise explanation or definition of the term “iWORD.”

Features available in iWORD

The following features are available in iWORD software.

  • iWord provides the facility to create, store, print, maintain and edit your articles through its No File menu. You can use these features either through the No File menu or the sub-menus available in it. It has all the features that are available in all other word processors.
  • There are certain formatting options that are not available through the menu. We can use dot instructions to improve the presentation of documents.
  • iWord also allows you to combine multiple documents and print them.

In iWORD, you can open more than one document at a time through different windows and easily go from one document to another or if needed, you can cut a part of a document and add it to another document or copy a part of a document and add it to another document

  • iWORD is available in multi user environment and a document can be opened by more than one person at a time but only one user can edit or save the document at a time.

Instructions available in the No File menu of iWORD

As you can see in the picture of the File Menu, the instructions available in the No File Menu are divided into four parts, which are as follows-

1. File Related Menu

With the help of the instructions available in it, you can open the file in Document, Non Document mode. You can exit iWORD and get help.

2. Miscellaneous Menu

With the instructions available in it, you can give instructions to Unix. You can print and view the file, change the directory and show and hide the list.

3. Other Menu

By using the instructions available in it, you can copy any available file, change the name of the file and delete the file.

4. file generator instructions

Facilities like listing of documents in the directory, editing dictionary of documents created in other operating system etc. are available.

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